8 0 tonroom methanol boiler oxygenator

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Jan 01 1988 · The f i r s t variation has tubes packed with methanol catalyst which areextexnallycooledby boiler feedwater on the shell a s i n a s h e l l and tube heat exchanger. ... the reactant gases are channeled downward into the catalyst which is heat 655 10.0 9.0 8.0 7 .O % 6.0 Methanol 50 . ... packaged methanol plant using a P A oxygen unit S ...

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Comparison of methanol-based fuel processors for PEM fuel ...

Mar 10 2005 · By co-feeding oxygen (or air) with methanol and steam to a reactor the combustion reaction occurs at the front of the bed and produces a considerable amount of heat. Beyond the point in the bed where the oxygen is depleted the catalyst becomes reduced and the remainder of the catalyst bed conducts the steam reforming reactions (1)(3) [6] .

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