70 0 ton hospital biomass boiler oxygen

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Nov 19 2012 · Pyrolysis is a related method of heating biomass. During pyrolysis biomass is heated to 200° to 300° C (390° to 570° F) without the presence of oxygen. This keeps it from combusting and causes the biomass to be chemically altered.

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Jul 29 2016 · instead of heating oil for heat generatio n in the two hospitals in Crete and the n ecessary biomass boiler investmen ts have been estimated at 1 .7- 2.1 mil. .

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This estimate is composed of the five carbon pools: aboveground biomass (53 metric tons C/hectare) belowground biomass (11 metric tons C/hectare) dead wood (10 metric tons C/hectare) litter (13 metric tons C/hectare) and soil carbon which includes mineral soils (92 metric tons C/hectare) and organic soils (21 metric tons C/hectare).

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