4 0 tons of vegetable greenhouse fuel boiler chimney

Greenhouse & Floriculture: Wood Heat for Greenhouses ...

Fuel wood waste wood and biomass are potential sources of heat for greenhouses. An adequate supply at a low cost is needed to pay for the additional cost of the equipment and operation as compared to conventional fossil fuel units. Combustion basics Combustion of wood has three requirements - fuel air and heat. If any of these is removed burning ceases.

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Greenhouse & Floriculture: Fuels and Alternate Heat ...

$/MBtu = $/ton divided by 4.0: Dry (10% m.c.) 7400 Btu/lb: 60% $/MBtu = $/ton divided by 8.8: Corn: 8200 Btu/lb: 80% $/MBtu = $/ton divided by 13.1: Biofuels Vegetable Oil: 120000 Btu/gal: 70% $/MBtu = $/gal x 11.9: Electricity: 3412 Btu/kilowatt-hour: $/MBtu = $/kw-hr x 293

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