22 0 tons of community biomass particle boiler

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Biomass needs to be made dense to provide ease of mechanical handling and feeding uniform combustion in boilers reduced cost of transportation and ease of storage. The types of dense biomass to choose from are pellets briquettes or loose biomass that has been dried before being fed into the boiler.

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In a typical biomass boiler the biomass surface temperature increases to 130°160°C during the first couple of milliseconds after its insertion into the furnace. As water is evaporated starting from the surface the wet core size decreases. Typically the biomass particle is not completely dry at the center when the volatiles release starts close to the surface.

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What kind of pollution does a biomass burner emit? - PFPI

For instance the Gainesville Renewable Energy Center a 116 MW (gross; 100 MW net) biomass burner with a 1359 mmbtu boiler is considered to be an area source because the project claims it will emit less than 25 tons of hazardous air pollutants (the exact value in the permit is 24.7 tons of HAPs).

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