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A Deep Learning Model for Measuring Oxygen Content of ...

Jan 09 2020 ยท The oxygen content of boiler flue gas is a valid indicator of boiler efficiency and emissions. Measuring the oxygen content of boiler flue gas is time consuming and costly. To overcome the latter shortcomings a novel deep belief network algorithm based hybrid prediction model for the oxygen content of boiler flue gas is proposed. First the algorithm is used to build a model based on

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4.0 4.7 0 14.2 14.8 15.5 16.1 16.7 17.4 18.0 18.7 19.3 20.0 20.6 21.2 ... It should be noted that most boilers require higher flue gas oxygen ... electrochemical sensors measure the concentration of oxygen in the flue gas with the liquid water removed from the gas sample. The flue gas sample is drawn from the boiler exhaust and is

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For Example: 4.5% Excess Oxygen reduced to 2.0%. 1.0 (0.7972 / 0.8308) = 0.04044 = 4.04%. NOTE: Because some boilers operate with a very high percentage of excess oxygen it is common for the first year savings to be substantially higher than this.

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