120 0 ton subway station electric boiler film

nycsubway.org: The Interborough Power Plant

The ashes are dumped by gravity into hoppers which deliver them to small ash dump cars running on tracks in the basement. The cars are drawn out by a small electric locomotive to the waterfront where they are dumped into a 1000-ton bin to be subsequently disposed of by barge or otherwise. Sectional view of the subway power station.

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nycsubway.org: Design and Construction of the IRT ...

Sep 07 2017 ยท The first and only major installation of electric block signaling on an electric road in the United States prior to the New York subway was on the Boston Elevated lines in 1900-1901. 12 The company installed a modification of the Westinghouse electro-pneumatic system designed by S. M. Young for the Pneumatic Signal Company. 13 The Young system ...

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